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Latchkey Kids Resources

latchkey children resources Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call processing solutions. CARE (Call Reassurance) is a telephone reassurance program developed by DSC that contact senior citizens and latchkey children (home alone kids) to ensure they are OK.

Latchkey kids refer to children who return home from school to an empty house because their parents are still at work. To help parents monitor the safety of these children, Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has developed an automatic calling program that checks in on these children.

DSC has provided additional resources to assist parents in deciding whether to enroll their child in this type of calling program. These resources include articles written about home alone children as well as state regulations that might affect a parent's decision to allow a child to remain at home alone.

Contact DSC to obtain further information about the CARE latchkey children calling services.

Latchkey Children Age Restrictions By State

latchkey children state resources DSC has accumulated a list of state restrictions on the age of children who can be left at home. There appear to be very few states with specific age regulations of a child left at home alone.

However, the number of latchkey kids is growing significantly due to 2 income parents and single parents and guardians and there is now a growing movement within state agencies to at least provide guidelines for parents and guardians.

To view this list of references on a per state basis, visit our Home Alone Children Age Restrictions web page.

Articles About Latchkey Kids

latchkey children resources articles Database Systems Corp. has accumulated a number of articles that help parents decide if their children are ready to stay at home alone. These include guidelines and also age restrictions that parents need to be aware of.

The following articles can be useful in determining whether a child is ready to assume the responsibilities of being on their own without supervision. Also these articles can help parents prepare their children for this major milestone in their lives.

CARE Providers

CARE Providers Besides offering latchkey children calling services to subscribers using the CARE system, DSC supplies our CARE telephone reassurance phone systems to community service organizations such as law enforcement departments throughout the U.S. Communities use these systems to check on the welfare of senior citizens, check-in on home alone children and provide medication reminders to seniors.

The following video was produced by one of our customers, the Okaloosa County Sheriff's office. It describes their use of our CARE system for calling senior citizens.

An interesting note is that this CARE system was purchased using money confiscated during a drug raid. The Sheriff of Okaloosa County "thanks" the drug dealer for helping the county purchase the "Best System" (CARE) available to help check on the welfare of seniors in his county.

CARE Information

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leader in providing community calling programs including our CARE (Call Reassurance) solutions that provide telephone reassurance for senior citizens. DSC also provides individual programs for parents of latchkey children (home alone kids).

Contact DSC to learn more about our CARE home alone children calling service and phone systems. To enroll your child in this program, use our online registration form.